The Coin Revolution starts in early May 2017 !!!

Become a part of the founder generation for a new technology company, which will redefine the COINBUSINESS! Find out all about the background informations, before the official start, to be one of the first!


It is a Swiss company with registration in the commercial register in Canton / Zug.  


It's all about a solid crypto-coin!

For the first time, a technology company from Switzerland comes with a hybrid blockchain (10x faster than Bitcoin) and is launching an immediately listed Crypto-Coin.

Even though the Crypto-Coin is immediately tradable, it is also revolutionized by a social media platform with a recommendation network worldwide and an amazing compensation plan.

We will reach the million-user limit  in a very short time. The price development is always easy to speculate, but the great thing is that a large part of the income flows IMMEDIATELY into real investments (precious metals, company shares, etc.), thus guaranteeing the intrinsic value.

The highlight, it is no future music, it will start in May.